Qurbani Appeal 2013

 ( 8000 Rupees per Share)

 Like the previous years PRIME LIFE ORGANIZATION FOR THE DISABLED has yet again made arrangements to distribute qurbani meat to the poor and the needy of the suburbs of Islamabad .

This years qurbani single share is 8000 Ruppes. If anyone interested to put their share in , please contact Mr Mansoor at 00923235209891 as your earliest..

Qurbani Shares 2013

  1. Mr.Ibrar Mahmood of Blackburn UK  (One Qurbani Share)
  2. Mrs. Erum Mahmood of Jhelum (One Qurbani Share)
  3. Mr.Adnan of Banbury UK (Two  Qurbani Share)
  4. Mr. Tauseef of Blackburn UK (One Qurbani Share)
  5. Mrs. Anita of Blackburn UK  (One Qurbani Share)
  6. Mr. Israr Mahmood of Blackburn UK  (One Qurbani Share)
  7. Mr. Iftikhar Mahmood of Blackburn UK (One Qurbani Share)
  8. Mrs.Sabiha of Blackburn UK (One Qurbani Share)
  9. Mr.Talat of Banbury (Two Qurbani Share)
  10. Mrs.Naheed Mehmood  (One Qurbani Share)
  11. Mr. Zahid Mehmood  (One Qurbani Share)
  12. Mr. Sheryar Mehmood  (One Qurbani Share)
  13. Mrs. Maryum Arif  (One Qurbani Share)
  14. Late. Haji Muhammad Bashir (One Qurbani Share)
  15. Mrs. Sajida Perveen (One Qurbani Share)
  16. Mr. Jahngir Bashir (One Qurbani Share)
  17. Mr. Atizaz Udin  (Four Qurbani Share)
  18. Mr. Muhammad Ali  (Three Qurbani Share)
  19.  Mr. Khalid Ansari  (Three Qurbani Share)

Qurbani Animals 3,4

photo2Mr. Atizaz Udin  (Four Qurbani Share),Mr. Muhammad Ali  (Three Qurbani Share), Mr. Khalid Ansari  (Three Qurbani Share), Mr.Adnan ,Mr.Talat, Mrs. Sajida Perveen, Mr. Jahngir Bashir

Qurbani Animal 2


Mrs.Sabiha ,Mr.Talat ,Mrs.Naheed Mehmood ,Mr. Zahid Mehmood ,Mr. Sheryar Mehmood ,Mrs. Maryum Arif  ,Late. Haji Muhammad Bashir ,

Qurbani Animal 1


Mr.Ibrar Mahmood , Mrs. Erum Mahmood , Mr.Adnan Mr. Tauseef , Mrs. Anita , Mr. Israr Mahmood , Mr. Iftikhar Mahmood ,